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Ssb simple static blogger

Ssb is a suckless static site generator and blogging anti-framework. It is useful for creating very simplistic blogs based on Markdown writing. If you're looking for a blogging tool that takes nearly no time to set up and just want to start writing with Markdown, then ssb is a perfect script for the task.

Ssb is heavily inspired and based on this post.

Generated site structure

| Header and navbar            |
|                              |
|                              |
| Body written in Markdown     |
|                              |
|                              |
|                              |
| List of posts                |
|                              |
| Footer                       |

Jump start

  1. A POSIX compliant shell and your favourite markdown renderer (pandoc by default) are required.
  2. Download ssb and place it in your PATH or inside your blog directory.
  3. Run ssb -g to generate html and css templates. Adjust the header and the footer to your liking, you can customize the stylesheet, use a css theme, or your favourite style for Markdown.
  4. Write your page and posts in posts directory.
  5. Run ssb to generate html files. Ssb will append header, list of posts and footer to each file.
  6. The timestamps near posts titles are generated from modification dates of Markdown files. If you wish to change them use the touch command.
  7. Publish your blog.

Features and non-features

  • Ssb is a single POSIX compliant script that requires only a Markdown renderer to create blogs.
  • It is not a real framework, just a hackable script to automate blogging and save your time.
  • No tags, no artifacts, no javascript, no learning, no lengthy setup.
  • If you want a simple and effortless blogging engine ssb is perfect for you, whether you want something with more features you can hack it, or use frameworks like Jekyll or Hugo.


./ssb -h
Usage: ./ssb [-d|-g|-h|-r] [-e HEADER_PATH] [-f FOOTER_PATH] [-m MD_RENDERER]
                           [-o OUTPUT_DIR] [-p POSTS_DIR]

Stylesheets for theming can be found here.