• v1.13.0 19377e033f

    v1.13.0 Stable

    sarah released this 2023-09-27 04:50:04 +00:00 | 152 commits to trunk since this release

    • New Features:
      • Conversation Search - Cwtch can now find messages based on their content.
      • Appear Offline Mode - in this mode Cwtch does not launch an listen service for inbound contacts, and allows a profile to be more selective in the contacts they connect to.
      • Whonix Support - new runtime flags make changes that allow Cwtch to run on Whonix
      • New Save History Global Setting - by default Cwtch deletes all messages on shutdown unless a conversation is otherwise configured. This change allows a user to change this default behaviour.
    • Bug Fixes / Improvements:
      • Based on Flutter 3.13.4
      • Updated Android Target to 33
      • Profile Status Menu now has many more options, including offline status, edit profile and enabling/disabling profile
      • File Sharing Bug Fixes
        • Manage shared files now supports re-enabling older file shares
      • Improvements towards UI Reproducible Builds
      • Server Info now propagates to the UI consistently
      • Prevent DBus Exceptions on platforms where it is unsupported
      • Packaged Emoji Font
      • Fixes to retry manager which have greater improved (re)connection efficacy
      • Allow deleting server info in Manage Servers
    • Accessibility / UX:
      • Core translations for Brazilian Portuguese, Danish , Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian , Romanian , Russian, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, and Welsh
      • Partial translations for Korean (37%), Japanese (27%), , Luxembourgish (20%), Greek (15%), Uzbek (10%), and Portuguese (5%)
      • Font Scaling improvements on several screens