• v1.14.0 5626e6ed90

    v1.14.0 Stable

    sarah released this 2024-02-14 08:13:48 +00:00 | 55 commits to trunk since this release

    A special thanks to the amazing volunteer translators and testers who made this release possible.

    • New Features:
      • Custom Themes - You can now load custom themes into Cwtch.
      • Message View Backgrounds - This release contains the first support for (optional) background images in the message view. Future releases will allow per-conversation images.
    • Bug Fixes / Improvements:
      • Fixed tor connectivity in newer Tails releases
      • Fixes in the Retry Plugin for better managing of a large number of contacts
      • Several UX improvements for font scaling, and styling
      • Fixed Android File Sharing Bug which prevent downloads of non-previewed files.
      • Fixed Android File Sharing Bug that resulted in a UI reset triggered by a rate race condition between reconnection and new message arriving
      • Split Settings Pane into multiple tabs for easier navigation of options
      • Fixed contact row date time/localization inconsistency
      • Fixed contact row issue where LANG wasn't set on some linux systems
      • libCwtch now support older Mac releases (min 10.12)
      • Updates images and descriptions in the Windows Installer
    • Accessibility / UX:
      • Core translations for Brazilian Portuguese, Danish , Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian , Romanian , Russian, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, and Welsh
      • Partial translations for Korean (41%), Japanese (26%), , Luxembourgish (19%), Greek (15%), Uzbek (9%), and Portuguese (5%)
      • Theme Refresh - Many small adjustments to existing themes to make them more accessible

    Reproducible Bindings

    Cwtch 1.14 is based on libCwtch version libCwtch-autobindings-2024-02-12-11-04-v0.0.12.
    The repliqate scripts to reproduce these bindings from source
    can be found at https://git.openprivacy.ca/cwtch.im/repliqate-scripts/src/branch/main/cwtch-autobindings-v0.0.12