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This file contains ambiguous Unicode characters

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"@@locale": "lb",
"@@last_modified": "2024-02-12T08:05:24+01:00",
"settingsExperimentsShowPerformanceDescription": "Display an overlay graph of render time.",
"settingsExperimentsShowPerformanceTitle": "Show Performance Overlay",
"settingsImportThemeButton": "Import Theme",
"settingsImportThemeDescription": "Select theme directory to import for use in Cwtch",
"settingsImportThemeTitle": "Import Theme",
"settingsThemeErrorInvalid": "Error: Could not import $themeName, theme.yml missing, not a theme directory",
"settingThemeOverwriteQuestion": "Theme $themeName already exists, confirm overwrite?",
"settingThemeOverwriteConfirm": "Confirm",
"settingsThemeImagesDescription": "Enable display of images from themes",
"settingsThemeImages": "Theme Images",
"settingsGroupAbout": "About",
"localeUzbek": "Uzbek \/ Oʻzbekcha",
"profileOfflineAtStart": "Appear Offline at Startup",
"now": "Now",
"xSecondsAgo": "$seconds seconds ago",
"xMinutesAgo": "$minutes minutes ago",
"xHoursAgo": "$hours hours ago",
"xDaysAgo": "$days days ago",
"profileAllowUnknownContacts": "Allow Unknown Contacts",
"profileBlockUnknownContacts": "Block Unknown Contacts",
"profileDisableProfile": "Disable Profile",
"profileEnableProfile": "Enable Profile",
"profileAppearOnline": "Appear Online",
"contactDisconnect": "Disconnect from Contact (if you do not have Appear Offline set this contact may still be able to reestablish a connection to you)",
"profileAppearOfflineDescription": "By default, when Cwtch profile is enabled it automatically attempts to connect to know contacts, and allows inbound connections. This settings disables those actions and allows you to choose, manually, which contacts to connect to.",
"profileAppearOffline": "Appear Offline",
"deleteServerConfirmBtn": "Really Delete Server?",
"cannotDeleteServerIfActiveGroups": "There are active groups associated with this Cwtch Server. Please delete them prior to deleting this Cwtch Server entry.",
"groupsOnThisServerLabel": "Known Groups on this Cwtch Server",
"serverinfoNoGroupInfo": "There are no groups associated with this Cwtch Server.",
"preserveHistorySettingDescription": "By default, Cwtch will purge conversation history when Cwtch is shutdown. If this setting is enabled, Cwtch will preserve the conversation history of peer conversations.",
"defaultPreserveHistorySetting": "Preserve Conversation History",
"localeUk": "Ukrainian \/ українською",
"profileEnabledDescription": "Activate or Deactivate the profile.",
"localeSw": "Swahili \/ Kiswahili",
"localeSv": "Swedish \/ Svenska",
"fontScalingDescription": "Adjust the relative font scaling factor applied to text and widgets.",
"defaultScalingText": "Font Scaling",
"localeJa": "Japanese \/ 日本語",
"retryConnectionTooltip": "Cwtch retries peers regularly, but you can tell Cwtch to try sooner by pushing this button.",
"retryConnection": "Retry",
"availabilityStatusTooltip": "Set your availability status",
"profileInfoHint3": "Contacts will be able to see this information in Conversation Settings ",
"profileInfoHint2": "You can add up to 3 fields.",
"profileInfoHint": "Add some public information about yourself here e.g. blog, websites, brief bio.",
"availabilityStatusBusy": "Busy",
"availabilityStatusAway": "Away",
"availabilityStatusAvailable": "Available",
"blodeuweddWarning": "Blodeuwedd uses a local language model and a set of small auxiliary models to power its functionality. These techniques are often very effective they are not without error. \n\nWhile we have taken efforts to minimize the risk, there is still the possibility that Blodeuwedd outputs will be incorrect, hallucinated and\/or offensive.\n\nBecause of that Blodeuwedd requires downloading two additional components separate from Cwtch, the Blodeuwedd Model (or a compatible model) and the Blodeuwedd Runner. \n\nSee https:\/\/\/docs\/settings\/experiments\/blodeuwedd for more information on obtaining these components and setting them up.",
"blodeuweddProcessing": "Blodeuwedd is processing...",
"blodeuweddTranslate": "Translate Message",
"blodeuweddSummarize": "Summarize Conversation",
"blodeuweddPath": "The directory where the Blodeuwedd is located on your computer.",
"blodeuweddNotSupported": "This version of Cwtch has been compiled without support for the Blodeuwedd Assistant.",
"blodeuweddDescription": "The Blodeuwedd assistant adds new features to Cwtch such as chat transcript summarization and message translation via a locally hosted language model.",
"blodeuweddExperimentEnable": "Blodeuwedd Assistant",
"localeKo": "Korean \/ 한국어",
"localeSk": "Slovak \/ Slovák",
"profileAutostartDescription": "Controls if the profile will be automatically launched on startup",
"profileEnabled": "Enable",
"profileAutostartLabel": "Autostart",
"localePtBr": "Brazilian Portuguese \/ Português do Brasil",
"localeNl": "Dutch \/ Dutch",
"experimentQRCodeDescription": "QR Code support allows sharing data (such as profile identity) by QR Codes",
"enableExperimentQRCode": "QR Codes",
"shareMenuQRCode": "Show QR Code",
"shareProfileMenuTooltop": "Share profile via...",
"acquiredTicketsFromServer": "Antispam Challenge Complete",
"acquiringTicketsFromServer": "Performing Antispam Challenge",
"errorDownloadDirectoryDoesNotExist": "Filesharing cannot be enabled because the Download Folder has not been set, or is set to a folder that does not exist.",
"localeTr": "Tierkesch \/ Türk",
"localeIt": "Italienesch",
"localeEn": "Englesch \/ English",
"localeFr": "Franséisch \/ Français",
"tooltipUnpinConversation": "Unpin conversation from the top of \"Conversations\"",
"tooltipPinConversation": "Pin conversation to the top of \"Conversations\"",
"replyingTo": "Replying to %1",
"fileDownloadUnavailable": "This file appears unavailable for download. The sender may have disabled downloads for this file.",
"messageNoReplies": "There are no replies to this message.",
"headingReplies": "Replies",
"viewReplies": "View replies to this message",
"restartFileShare": "Start Sharing File",
"stopSharingFile": "Stop Sharing File",
"manageSharedFiles": "Manage Shared Files",
"localeDe": "Däitsch \/ Deutsch",
"localeLb": "Lëtzebuergesch",
"localeNo": "Norwegesch",
"localeEl": "Griichesch",
"localePl": "Polish \/ Polski",
"localeRo": "Rumänesch",
"localeRU": "Russesch",
"localeEs": "Spuenesch",
"localeDa": "Dänesch",
"localePt": "Portugisesch",
"localeCy": "Waliser",
"settingImagePreviewsDescription": "Images and Profile Pictures will be downloaded and previewed automatically. We recommend that you do not enable this Experiment if you use Cwtch with untrusted contacts.",
"tooltipPreviewFormatting": "Preview Message Formatting",
"tooltipCode": "Code \/ Monospace",
"tooltipStrikethrough": "Strikethrough",
"tooltipSubscript": "Subscript",
"tooltipSuperscript": "Superscript",
"tooltipItalicize": "Italic",
"tooltipBackToMessageEditing": "Back to Message Editing",
"tooltipBoldText": "Bold",
"okButton": "OK",
"settingsAndroidPowerReenablePopup": "Cannot re-enable Battery Optimization from within Cwtch. Please go to Android \/ Settings \/ Apps \/ Cwtch \/ Battery and set Usage to 'Optimized'",
"settingAndroidPowerExemptionDescription": "Optional: Request Android to exempt Cwtch from optimized power management. This will result in better stability at the cost of greater battery use.",
"settingAndroidPowerExemption": "Android Ignore Battery Optimizations",
"thisFeatureRequiresGroupExpermientsToBeEnabled": "This feature requires the Groups Experiment to be enabled in Settings",
"messageFormattingDescription": "Enable rich text formatting in displayed messages e.g. **bold** and *italic*",
"formattingExperiment": "Message Formatting",
"clickableLinkError": "Error encountered while attempting to open URL",
"clickableLinksCopy": "Copy URL",
"clickableLinkOpen": "Open URL",
"clickableLinksWarning": "Opening this URL will launch an application outside of Cwtch and may reveal metadata or otherwise compromise the security of Cwtch. Only open URLs from people you trust. Are you sure you want to continue?",
"shuttingDownApp": "Shutting down...",
"successfullyImportedProfile": "Successfully Imported Profile: %profile",
"failedToImportProfile": "Error Importing Profile",
"importProfileTooltip": "Use an encrypted Cwtch backup to bring in a profile created in another instance of Cwtch.",
"importProfile": "Import Profile",
"exportProfileTooltip": "Backup this profile to an encrypted file. The encrypted file can be imported into another Cwtch app.",
"exportProfile": "Export Profile",
"newPassword": "Neit Passwuert",
"yesLeave": "Jo, Konversatioun verloossen",
"leaveConversation": "Konversatioun verloossen",
"titleManageServers": "Server managen",
"titleManageProfiles": "Meng Profiller managen",
"titleManageContacts": "Konversatiounen",
"todoPlaceholder": "Todo...",
"networkStatusOnline": "Online",
"smallTextLabel": "Kleng",
"builddate": "Opegbaut op : %2",
"version": "Versioun %1",
"versionTor": "Versioun %1 mad Tor %2",
"settingInterfaceZoom": "Zoom Level",
"largeTextLabel": "Grouss",
"themeDark": "Donkel",
"themeLight": "Hell",
"settingLanguage": "Sprooch",
"versionBuilddate": "Versioun: %1 Opgebaut op: %2",
"cwtchSettingsTitle": "Cwtch Astellungen",
"unlock": "Entsperren",
"yourServers": "Meng Server",
"addNewProfileBtn": "Neien Profil dobäifügen",
"yourProfiles": "Meng Profiller",
"password": "Passwuert",
"deleteProfileConfirmBtn": "Wierklech d'Profil läschen",
"deleteConfirmLabel": "Schreif LÄSCHEN fir ze confirméieren",
"deleteConfirmText": "LÄSCHEN",
"deleteProfileBtn": "Profil läschen",
"saveProfileBtn": "Profil späicheren",
"passwordErrorEmpty": "Passwuert kann net eidel sinn",
"createProfileBtn": "Profil erstellen",
"password2Label": "Passwuert nei aginn",
"password1Label": "Passwuert",
"currentPasswordLabel": "Aktuellt Passwuert",
"radioNoPassword": "Onverschlësselt (keen Passwuert)",
"radioUsePassword": "Passwuert",
"newProfile": "Neien Profil",
"editProfile": "Profil editéieren",
"bulletinsBtn": "Bulletins",
"acknowledgedLabel": "Unerkannt",
"addListItemBtn": "Item dobäifügen",
"addProfileTitle": "Neien Profil dobäifügen",
"editProfileTitle": "Profil editéieren",
"defaultProfileName": "Alice",
"deleteBtn": "Läschen",
"unblockBtn": "Kontakt entblockéieren",
"dontSavePeerHistory": "Verlaf läschen",
"savePeerHistory": "Verlaf späicheren",
"blockBtn": "Kontakt blockéieren",
"saveBtn": "Späicheren",
"addressLabel": "Adress",
"puzzleGameBtn": "Puzzle Spill",
"listsBtn": "Leschten",
"chatBtn": "Chat",
"rejectGroupBtn": "Refuséieren",
"acceptGroupBtn": "Acceptéieren",
"newGroupBtn": "Neien Grupp erstellen",
"copyBtn": "Kopéieren",
"couldNotSendMsgError": "Dësen Message konnt net geschéckt ginn",
"peerBlockedMessage": "Kontakt ass blockéiert",
"dmTooltip": "Klicke fir ee Direkten Message",
"peerNotOnline": "Kontakt ass offline. Applikatiounen kennen elo grad net genotzt ginn.",
"searchList": "Lescht sichen",
"update": "Update",
"inviteToGroupLabel": "An d'Grupp alueden",
"inviteBtn": "Alueden",
"groupNameLabel": "Gruppennumm",
"viewServerInfo": "Server Info",
"settingDownloadFolder": "Download Dossier",
"themeNameCwtch": "Cwtch",
"themeNameWitch": "Witch",
"themeNameGhost": "Ghost",
"themeNameVampire": "Vampire",
"themeNamePumpkin": "Pumpkin",
"themeNameMermaid": "Mermaid",
"themeNameMidnight": "Midnight",
"themeNameNeon1": "Neon 1",
"themeNameNeon2": "Neon 2",
"serverSynced": "Synchroniséiert",
"serverConnectivityDisconnected": "Server getrennt",
"serverConnectivityConnected": "Server verbonnen",
"serverInfo": "Server-Informatiounen",
"invitationLabel": "Aluedung",
"serverLabel": "Server",
"search": "Sich...",
"blocked": "Blockéiert",
"pasteAddressToAddContact": "Cwtch Adress, Aluedung oder Schlëssel hei dobäifügen, fir eng neí Konversatioun dobäizefügen",
"titlePlaceholder": "Titel...",
"postNewBulletinLabel": "Nei Meldung verëffentlechen",
"newBulletinLabel": "Nei Meldung",
"joinGroup": "Grupp bäitrieden",
"createGroup": "Grupp erstellen",
"addPeer": "Kontakt dobäifügen",
"groupAddr": "Adress",
"invitation": "Invitatioun",
"server": "Server",
"peerName": "Numm",
"peerAddress": "Adress",
"joinGroupTab": "Ee Grupp bäitrieden",
"createGroupTab": "Ee Grupp erstellen",
"addPeerTab": "Een Kontakt dobäifügen",
"profileOnionLabel": "Send this address to people you want to connect with",
"createGroupBtn": "Erstellen",
"defaultGroupName": "Super Grupp",
"createGroupTitle": "Grupp erstellen",
"torSettingsCustomControlPort": "Benotzerdefinéiert Kontrollport",
"torSettingsCustomControlPortDescription": "Eege Port Konfiguratioun fir Kontrollconnectiounen op den Tor-Proxy",
"torSettingsUseCustomTorServiceConfiguration": "Eegen Tor Service Konfiguratioun benotzen (torrc)",
"torSettingsUseCustomTorServiceConfigurastionDescription": "Iwwerschreiwe vun den Tor Astellungen. Oppassen: Geféierlech! Maacht dat just wann Dir wësst, wat Dir maacht.",
"fileSharingSettingsDownloadFolderTooltip": "Aneren Dossier auswielen fir Downloads.",
"torSettingsErrorSettingPort": "Port Nummer muss tëschent 1 an 65535 sinn",
"fileSharingSettingsDownloadFolderDescription": "Wann Daten automatesch erofgeluede ginn (z.B Biller, wann Virunsicht aktivéiert ass), muss een Dossier fir Download agestallt ginn.",
"labelACNCircuitInfo": "ACN Circuit Informatioun",
"descriptionACNCircuitInfo": "Detailléiert Informatiounen iwwert de Pfad vum anonymiséierte Kommunikatiounsnetzwierk, de fir des Konversatioun verwent gëtt.",
"torSettingsEnableCache": "Tor Censensus tëschenspäichern",
"labelTorNetwork": "Tor Netzwierk",
"torSettingsEnabledCacheDescription": "Tëschegespäichert vum aktuell erofgeluedenen Tor consensus fir en beim nächsten Opmaachen vun Cwatch erëm ze verwenden. Dat erméiglecht ee schnellen Start vun Tor. Wann desaktivéiert läscht Cwatch déi tëschegespäichert Daten beim starten.",
"tooltipSelectACustomProfileImage": "Auswielen enges benotzerdefinéiert Profilbild's",
"notificationPolicyMute": "Daaf schalten",
"notificationPolicyOptIn": "Participatioun Zoustëmmen",
"notificationPolicyDefaultAll": "All Astellungen zerécksetzen",
"conversationNotificationPolicyDefault": "Astellung zerécksetzen",
"conversationNotificationPolicyOptIn": "Participatiouns Zoustëmmung",
"conversationNotificationPolicyNever": "Nimools",
"notificationPolicySettingLabel": "Notifikatioun's Astellung",
"notificationContentSettingLabel": "Inhalt der Notifikatioun",
"notificationPolicySettingDescription": "Virastellung vum Notifikatiounsverhaale",
"notificationContentSettingDescription": "Steierung vum Inhalt vun der Konversatiouns Notifikatioun",
"conversationNotificationPolicySettingLabel": "Konversatioun Notifikatioun's Astellung",
"settingsGroupExperiments": "Experimenter",
"settingGroupBehaviour": "Behuelen",
"settingsGroupAppearance": "Ausgesinn",
"conversationNotificationPolicySettingDescription": "Notifikatioun's Astellung fir des Konversatioun",
"notificationContentSimpleEvent": "Schlicht Ereegnis",
"notificationContentContactInfo": "Konversatiouns Informatiounen",
"newMessageNotificationSimple": "Neie Message",
"newMessageNotificationConversationInfo": "Neie Message vun %1",
"torSettingsCustomSocksPortDescription": "Use a custom port for data connections to the Tor proxy",
"torSettingsCustomSocksPort": "Custom SOCKS Port",
"torSettingsEnabledAdvancedDescription": "Use an existing Tor service on your system, or change the parameters of the Cwtch Tor Service",
"torSettingsEnabledAdvanced": "Enable Advanced Tor Configuration",
"msgAddToAccept": "Add this account to your contacts in order to accept this file.",
"btnSendFile": "Send File",
"msgConfirmSend": "Are you sure you want to send",
"msgFileTooBig": "File size cannot exceed 10 GB",
"storageMigrationModalMessage": "Migrating profiles to new storage format. This could take a few minutes...",
"loadingCwtch": "Loading Cwtch...",
"themeColorLabel": "Color Theme",
"settingImagePreviews": "Image Previews and Profile Pictures",
"experimentClickableLinksDescription": "The clickable links experiment allows you to click on URLs shared in messages",
"enableExperimentClickableLinks": "Enable Clickable Links",
"serverConnectionsLabel": "Connection",
"serverTotalMessagesLabel": "Total Messages",
"serverMetricsLabel": "Server Metrics",
"manageKnownServersShort": "Servers",
"manageKnownServersLong": "Manage Known Servers",
"displayNameTooltip": "Please enter a display name",
"manageKnownServersButton": "Manage Known Servers",
"fieldDescriptionLabel": "Description",
"importLocalServerButton": "Import %1",
"importLocalServerSelectText": "Select Local Server",
"importLocalServerLabel": "Import a locally hosted server",
"newMessagesLabel": "New Messages",
"copyServerKeys": "Copy keys",
"verfiyResumeButton": "Verify\/resume",
"fileCheckingStatus": "Checking download status",
"fileInterrupted": "Interrupted",
"fileSavedTo": "Saved to",
"encryptedServerDescription": "Encrypting a server with a password protects it from other people who may also use this device. Encrypted servers cannot be decrypted, displayed or accessed until the correct password is entered to unlock them.",
"plainServerDescription": "We recommend that you protect your Cwtch servers with a password. If you do not set a password on this server then anyone who has access to this device may be able to access information about this server, including sensitive cryptographic keys.",
"deleteServerSuccess": "Successfully deleted server",
"enterCurrentPasswordForDeleteServer": "Please enter current password to delete this server",
"copyAddress": "Copy Address",
"settingServersDescription": "The hosting servers experiment enables hosting and managing Cwtch servers",
"settingServers": "Hosting Servers",
"enterServerPassword": "Enter password to unlock server",
"unlockProfileTip": "Please create or unlock a profile to begin!",
"unlockServerTip": "Please create or unlock a server to begin!",
"addServerTooltip": "Add new server",
"serversManagerTitleShort": "Servers",
"serversManagerTitleLong": "Servers You Host",
"saveServerButton": "Save Server",
"serverAutostartDescription": "Controls if the application will automatically launch the server on start",
"serverAutostartLabel": "Autostart",
"serverEnabledDescription": "Start or stop the server",
"serverEnabled": "Server Enabled",
"serverDescriptionDescription": "Your description of the server for personal management use only, will never be shared",
"serverDescriptionLabel": "Server Description",
"serverAddress": "Server Address",
"editServerTitle": "Edit Server",
"addServerTitle": "Add Server",
"titleManageProfilesShort": "Profiles",
"descriptionFileSharing": "The file sharing experiment allows you to send and receive files from Cwtch contacts and groups. Note that sharing a file with a group will result in members of that group connecting with you directly over Cwtch to download it.",
"settingFileSharing": "File Sharing",
"tooltipSendFile": "Send File",
"messageFileOffered": "Contact is offering to send you a file",
"messageFileSent": "You sent a file",
"messageEnableFileSharing": "Enable the file sharing experiment to view this message.",
"labelFilesize": "Size",
"labelFilename": "Filename",
"downloadFileButton": "Download",
"openFolderButton": "Open Folder",
"retrievingManifestMessage": "Retrieving file information...",
"descriptionStreamerMode": "If turned on, this option makes the app more visually private for streaming or presenting with, for example, hiding profile and contact addresses",
"streamerModeLabel": "Streamer\/Presentation Mode",
"archiveConversation": "Archive this Conversation",
"blockUnknownConnectionsEnabledDescription": "Connections from unknown contacts are blocked. You can change this in Settings",
"showMessageButton": "Show Message",
"blockedMessageMessage": "This message is from a profile you have blocked.",
"placeholderEnterMessage": "Type a message...",
"plainProfileDescription": "We recommend that you protect your Cwtch profiles with a password. If you do not set a password on this profile then anyone who has access to this device may be able to access information about this profile, including contacts, messages and sensitive cryptographic keys.",
"encryptedProfileDescription": "Encrypting a profile with a password protects it from other people who may also use this device. Encrypted profiles cannot be decrypted, displayed or accessed until the correct password is entered to unlock them.",
"addContactConfirm": "Add contact %1",
"addContact": "Add contact",
"contactGoto": "Go to conversation with %1",
"settingUIColumnOptionSame": "Same as portrait mode setting",
"settingUIColumnDouble14Ratio": "Double (1:4)",
"settingUIColumnDouble12Ratio": "Double (1:2)",
"settingUIColumnSingle": "Single",
"settingUIColumnLandscape": "UI Columns in Landscape Mode",
"settingUIColumnPortrait": "UI Columns in Portrait Mode",
"tooltipRemoveThisQuotedMessage": "Remove quoted message.",
"tooltipReplyToThisMessage": "Reply to this message",
"tooltipRejectContactRequest": "Reject this contact request",
"tooltipAcceptContactRequest": "Accept this contact request.",
"notificationNewMessageFromGroup": "New message in a group!",
"notificationNewMessageFromPeer": "New message from a contact!",
"tooltipHidePassword": "Hide Password",
"tooltipShowPassword": "Show Password",
"groupInviteSettingsWarning": "You have been invited to join a group! Please enable the Group Chat Experiment in Settings to view this Invitation.",
"shutdownCwtchAction": "Shutdown Cwtch",
"shutdownCwtchDialog": "Are you sure you want to shutdown Cwtch? This will close all connections, and exit the application.",
"shutdownCwtchDialogTitle": "Shutdown Cwtch?",
"shutdownCwtchTooltip": "Shutdown Cwtch",
"malformedMessage": "Malformed message",
"profileDeleteSuccess": "Successfully deleted profile",
"debugLog": "Turn on console debug logging",
"torNetworkStatus": "Tor network status",
"addContactFirst": "Add or pick a contact to begin chatting.",
"createProfileToBegin": "Please create or unlock a profile to begin",
"nickChangeSuccess": "Profile nickname changed successfully",
"addServerFirst": "You need to add a server before you can create a group",
"deleteProfileSuccess": "Successfully deleted profile",
"sendInvite": "Send a contact or group invite",
"sendMessage": "Send Message",
"cancel": "Cancel",
"resetTor": "Reset",
"torStatus": "Tor Status",
"torVersion": "Tor Version",
"sendAnInvitation": "You sent an invitation for: ",
"contactSuggestion": "This is a contact suggestion for: ",
"rejected": "Rejected!",
"accepted": "Accepted!",
"chatHistoryDefault": "This conversation will be deleted when Cwtch is closed! Message history can be enabled per-conversation via the Settings menu in the upper right.",
"reallyLeaveThisGroupPrompt": "Are you sure you want to leave this conversation? All messages and attributes will be deleted.",
"inviteToGroup": "You have been invited to join a group:",
"successfullAddedContact": "Successfully added ",
"descriptionBlockUnknownConnections": "If turned on, this option will automatically close connections from Cwtch users that have not been added to your contact list.",
"descriptionExperimentsGroups": "The group experiment allows Cwtch to connect with untrusted server infrastructure to facilitate communication with more than one contact.",
"descriptionExperiments": "Cwtch experiments are optional, opt-in features that add additional functionality to Cwtch that may have different privacy considerations than traditional 1:1 metadata resistant chat e.g. group chat, bot integration etc.",
"tooltipUnlockProfiles": "Unlock encrypted profiles by entering their password.",
"tooltipAddContact": "Add a new contact or conversation",
"tooltipOpenSettings": "Open the settings pane",
"contactAlreadyExists": "Contact Already Exists",
"invalidImportString": "Invalid import string",
"conversationSettings": "Conversation Settings",
"enterCurrentPasswordForDelete": "Please enter current password to delete this profile.",
"enableGroups": "Enable Group Chat",
"addNewItem": "Add a new item to the list",
"addListItem": "Add a New List Item",
"newConnectionPaneTitle": "New Connection",
"networkStatusConnecting": "Connecting to network and contacts...",
"networkStatusAttemptingTor": "Attempting to connect to Tor network",
"networkStatusDisconnected": "Disconnected from the internet, check your connection",
"viewGroupMembershipTooltip": "View Group Membership",
"loadingTor": "Loading tor...",
"experimentsEnabled": "Enable Experiments",
"settingTheme": "Use Light Themes",
"blockUnknownLabel": "Block Unknown Contacts",
"zoomLabel": "Interface zoom (mostly affects text and button sizes)",
"error0ProfilesLoadedForPassword": "0 profiles loaded with that password",
"enterProfilePassword": "Enter a password to view your profiles",
"passwordChangeError": "Error changing password: Supplied password rejected",
"passwordErrorMatch": "Passwords do not match",
"yourDisplayName": "Your Display Name",
"noPasswordWarning": "Not using a password on this account means that all data stored locally will not be encrypted",
"profileName": "Display name",
"savePeerHistoryDescription": "Determines whether to delete any history associated with the contact.",
"displayNameLabel": "Display Name",
"copiedToClipboardNotification": "Copied to Clipboard",
"acceptGroupInviteLabel": "Do you want to accept the invitation to",
"peerOfflineMessage": "Contact is offline, messages can't be delivered right now",
"pendingLabel": "Pending",
"membershipDescription": "Below is a list of users who have sent messages to the group. This list may not reflect all users who have access to the group.",
"serverNotSynced": "Syncing New Messages (This can take some time)..."