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Package for Accrescent
domelike opened issue 2024-03-28 01:47:09 +00:00
Tails networking after major upgrade
domelike commented on issue 2024-02-13 23:06:01 +00:00
(investigate) package for f-droid

Just a heads up that there are several issues with F-Droid:

Accrescent is a…

domelike commented on issue 2024-02-02 23:22:56 +00:00
Chats pruning (one-to-one and groups)

Is the timeline on this for after the (very exciting) work on groups? The absence of time-based pruning is the only hesitation I currently have for using Cwtch in some use cases, and I imagine…

domelike commented on issue 2024-02-02 23:16:22 +00:00
Tails support?

Thanks for testing. It looks like you have run into a current Flutter bug - I've seen one ad-hoc report of this recently, but it was assumed to be software/hardware issues. It looks like this…

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Networking on Tails
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Add an optional "Manual Synchronization" mode to mitigate against end-to-end confirmation attacks by powerful adversaries

There is a SimpleX issue that discusses mitigations to the same threat. It describes a "manual sync button" as is talked about above,…