• v1.10.0 00c385bb91

    v1.10.0 Pre-Release

    sarah released this 2022-12-15 03:59:24 +00:00 | 367 commits to trunk since this release

    For a more detailed overview of changes present in the 1.10 release see issues tagged cwtch-beta-1.10 in our
    issue tracker.

    A special thanks to the amazing volunteer translators and testers who made this release possible.

    • New Features:
      • Fine-grained Profile Autostart - you can now control which profiles are automatically enabled at start up
      • New Connection Backend - we have reworked connection management in Cwtch to minimize contention inside the Tor process, and to prioritize regular contacts. This results in faster peering times, and more stable connections
    • Bug Fixes / Improvements:
      • Profile Exporting now works on Android devices
      • Profile Image Shares are now re-initialized every start up to ensure that profile images are available to new contacts. (Previously profile image shares expired after 30-days like all other file shares)
      • Fix a bug that prevented sharing files on Android in certain configurations
      • Many colorscheme improvements to packaged themes
      • A new Juniper theme
      • Improved UX for unlocking profiles
      • Fix a bug that prevented the deletion of profiles
      • Streamer mode now hides cwtch addresses on configuration screens
      • Message formatting now applies to quoted messages
      • Message formatting can now be disabled when experiments are disabled
      • Fix bug that prevented Cwtch from finding packaged Tor binary in some installations
      • Upgrade to Flutter 3.3.5
      • New Android Splash Screen
    • Accessibility / UX:
      • Full translations for Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Turkish, and Welsh
      • Core translations for Danish (85%), Norwegian (85%), and Romanian (85%)
      • Partial translations for Luxembourgish (25%), Greek (19%), and Portuguese (7%)