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Opened #566 Fix Connection Flow / Tor DDoS Workaround 6 days ago

Opened #568 Implement Marcias Theme Fixes 5 days ago

Opened #572 Suspected botnet 5 days ago

Opened #573 RicochetRefresh compatibility 5 days ago

Opened #575 Reported: profile Images don't redownload if profile is moved 2 days ago

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Open #532 Remove Group/Server mapping in UI/lcg and surface it directly in Cwtch events. 8 minutes ago

Open #556 Replied message is stripped of formatting 39 minutes ago

Open #548 Cache Tokens Between Runs 4 days ago

Open #560 Fix Delete Profile Flow 4 days ago

Open #461 Offline mode/No internet/Local Area only mode/off the grid support? 5 days ago

Open #512 Android profile export and download not working in some cases (PERMISSIONS) 5 days ago

Open #27 Requested Feature: Status 6 days ago

Open #299 Allowing Grouping of Conversations 6 days ago

Open #207 Hybrid Groups Design 6 days ago

Open #298 clickable links: browser config 6 days ago

Open #127 cwtch protocol handlers and registration 6 days ago

Open #91 Request: Audio notification when contacts come online. 6 days ago

Open #324 Whonix: Cwtch halts on Splash Screen when attempting to Start Tor 6 days ago

Open #341 Sending Application on Mac Fails 6 days ago

Open #386 Spellchecking 6 days ago

Open #403 NewPeer event shouldn't send full profile info, instead should be fetch via GetProfile 6 days ago

Open #414 Allow queing of messages to send to offline conversations 6 days ago

Open #415 Share profile via QR code 6 days ago

Open #418 Connectivity: detect when tor is executable, fails with corrupt data-dir, deletes once time 6 days ago

Open #442 Connectivity: Reduce memory use and allocations for obtaining circuit status 6 days ago

Open #313 Support middle click paste on Linux 6 days ago

Open #307 Surface reconnection logic and ability 6 days ago

Open #356 Native handling of exit 6 days ago

Open #401 Message queuing 6 days ago

Open #289 GroupInvite triggers android to ask for FS permissions 6 days ago

Open #7 Requested Feature: Voice Overlay 6 days ago

Open #503 Linux Notifications: Clicking on Notification does not open window 6 days ago

Open #141 (investigate) package for f-droid 6 days ago

Open #92 Add a "start offline" mode 6 days ago

Open #552 limit the range of target ports 6 days ago

Open #553 option to bind target port to 6 days ago

Open #544 Support in-app reading of Text / Markdown / Richtext files 6 days ago

Open #546 Reproducible builds 6 days ago

Open #550 cwtch overwrites custom torrc options with replies from controller 6 days ago

Open #551 when importing default to cwtch configuration directory 6 days ago