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Published v1.9.0 v1.9.0 3 months ago

Published v1.8.0 v1.8.0 5 months ago

Published v1.7.1 v1.7.1 7 months ago

Published v.1.7.0 v.1.7.0 7 months ago

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Published v1.5.0 v1.5.0 11 months ago

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Merged #570 Juniper Theme 2 days ago

Merged #567 Allow Message formatting to be turned off when experiments are disabled 2 days ago

Merged #565 Support for Brazilian Portuguese (#564) 1 week ago

Merged #563 Added Brazilian Portuguese to Cwtch 1 week ago

Merged #547 New Cwtch Icons + Dutch Translation 2 weeks ago

Merged #541 Fix Mac Builds 3 months ago

Merged #540 update-cwtch 3 months ago

Merged #538 fix antispam tooltips/message blocking for p2p contacts 3 months ago

Merged #537 bump tor versions, move linux to harvested tor, bump lcg to 1.9.0 3 months ago

Merged #536 allow sharing proifile via qrcode 3 months ago

Merged #535 Update translations 3 months ago

Merged #534 Expose antispam status in UI 3 months ago

Merged #533 lcg bump; selected conversation sanity null; 3 months ago

Merged #529 save message drafts (until cwtch close) 3 months ago

Merged #527 Load Messages when Syncing a Group 3 months ago

Merged #523 fix importBundle error handling and dupping of events 3 months ago

Merged #521 Initial Commit of Fastlane + Debug Accessibiltiy Views 4 months ago

Merged #519 Initial Support for Turkish 4 months ago

Merged #517 Fix Quoting of Large Messages 4 months ago

Merged #516 Fix indexing error in conversation list search. 4 months ago

Merged #491 docs on making a self signed cert 4 months ago

Merged #515 Pinning Conversations 4 months ago

Merged #507 Implement View Replies 5 months ago

Merged #506 Prevent a new line in the middle of a sentance from sending a message 5 months ago

Merged #505 File sharing Manager + File Sharing Fixes 5 months ago

Merged #504 Fix bugs in Invite Modal 5 months ago

Merged #500 android-modal 5 months ago

Merged #499 new russian translations from @RuLang 5 months ago

Merged #497 pubspec andro ver bump 5 months ago

Merged #496 android 12 sdk 31 fixes 5 months ago

Merged #495 upgrade android kotlin + work package for android 12 5 months ago

Merged #494 android exported activity 5 months ago

Merged #493 1.8.0 5 months ago

Merged #492 newwincert 5 months ago

Merged #490 Fix Image Width Handling 5 months ago

Merged #489 fuzzbot-fixes 5 months ago

Merged #488 Turn on Message Formatting by Default 5 months ago

Merged #487 add support for diff arch macos libcwtch-go 5 months ago

Merged #486 New Translations + Update LCG 5 months ago

Merged #485 fix first sync 5 months ago

Merged #482 Remove Group "Address" - it is badly named, and no longer relavent 5 months ago

Merged #484 Flutter3, local_desktop_notifications on linux again 5 months ago

Merged #481 Fix Debug Errors + Implement Scroll To on DM 5 months ago

Merged #478 Add Snackbar Notifications for all Copies 6 months ago

Merged #477 Message Formatting Toolbar Tooltips 6 months ago

Merged #476 Update Translations (including RU from @RuLang) 6 months ago

Merged #475 formatting_toolbar 6 months ago

Merged #469 Click to scroll on Quoted Message / Shorten Text 6 months ago

Merged #470 reply_links 6 months ago

Merged #471 show down button in messageview when ever scrolling up 6 months ago

Merged #468 Fix message view title padding in doublecol view 6 months ago

Merged #467 Modal Menu UI Fixes 6 months ago

Merged #466 Column-wise contact row (marcia feedback) 6 months ago

Merged #462 marcia settings fixes 6 months ago

Merged #460 New Polish Translations 6 months ago

Merged #459 Fix #457 + Formatting 7 months ago

Merged #454 v1.7.1 29 7 months ago

Merged #453 dont start 'new messages' when convo selected 7 months ago

Merged #450 caching fixes for stability and android 7 months ago

Merged #452 Fix maximum width of dropdown boxes in settings 7 months ago

Merged #448 GetMessage* on android; make reply to use message cache; New Messages bubble doesn't reup 7 months ago

Merged #447 Format, Context Binding and Check if File Exists in File Bubble 7 months ago

Merged #433 Debug Info Fix and Dependency Upgrades 7 months ago

Merged #438 nsis uninstall typo reg key 7 months ago

Merged #434 winUninstall 7 months ago

Merged #431 a bunch of cache logic fixes and futher support for reconnect on android 7 months ago

Merged #432 MainActivity return result to not leave dart calls hanging 7 months ago

Merged #429 fix linux notification icon (rever to old linux notification manager) and light theme fixes 8 months ago

Merged #428 Debug Info Pane for Desktop 8 months ago

Merged #427 add android flag secure, pubspec vewrsion bump, and stubs for sdk31 hide overlay 8 months ago

Merged #426 andoird settings / request for power optimization exemption 8 months ago

Merged #425 Themeing Updates including Nicer Code Formatting 8 months ago

Merged #424 Add Hook into Add Contact Flow to better Gauge Intent 8 months ago

Merged #413 Message Formatting Experiment Initial Commit 8 months ago

Merged #412 port most gomobile FlwtchWorker calls to lcg to MainActivity; sendmessage sets lastSeen time 8 months ago

Merged #411 store last seen time in lcg and handle unread counts 8 months ago

Merged #408 only send message on Enter Up event 8 months ago

Merged #407 message cache allows index locking, rework messageHandler to use bulk fetching, sendMessage flow with no sleep; move some core getMessages/SendMessage handlers from FlwtchWorker to MainActivity 8 months ago

Merged #406 Renable Network Status Updates, Display Status in Contacts View 8 months ago

Merged #402 Fix: #344 - Folder Selection on Settings can be Opened Multiple times 8 months ago

Merged #400 Localizations + Allow Editing when Contact is Offline 8 months ago

Merged #397 Import and Export Profile 9 months ago

Merged #399 splash on shutdown; android stability: check if lcg started 9 months ago

Merged #395 Using build context instead of inherited context when building file bubble popout 9 months ago

Merged #391 assorted android and sync progress fixes 9 months ago

Merged #392 Stop using key-based lookups for messages, use the message cache instead. 9 months ago

Merged #390 Finish up Danish translation 9 months ago

Merged #388 danish-localization 9 months ago

Merged #387 Spanish and Welsh complete 9 months ago

Merged #385 Support Welsh, Update Translations for other Languages 9 months ago

Merged #384 Move messageDate format handling to MessageBubbleDecoration 9 months ago

Merged #383 harmonize translations from lokalize 9 months ago

Merged #382 Full Norwegian Translation 9 months ago

Merged #381 Complete German Translation. 9 months ago

Merged #380 Add support for many prospective new languages 9 months ago

Merged #379 Initial support for Romanian localization 9 months ago

Merged #375 WIP make NixNotificationManager using flutter_local_notification 9 months ago

Merged #376 Add Message Status Widget to File Bubble 9 months ago

Merged #374 Check WorkInfo is not Null 9 months ago

Merged #373 cwtch1.6.1-fixes 9 months ago

Merged #369 pubspec version bump for android 10 months ago

Merged #367 libcwtch go 1.6.0 10 months ago

Merged #366 Allow cwtch: prefix 10 months ago

Merged #360 mac lcg 10 months ago

Merged #354 notificationSettings 10 months ago

Merged #359 Add Profile Image Preview to Peer Settings + other UI Profile Image Fixups 10 months ago

Merged #358 Update Goldens 10 months ago

Merged #355 Profile Images 10 months ago

Merged #353 add gherkin tests 10 months ago

Merged #337 profile level unread notifications and in profile other profile unread notifications 10 months ago

Merged #350 windows notifications: switch from desktoats to win_toats 10 months ago

Merged #352 Fix contact.server NSE in contact list sync state 10 months ago

Merged #351 fastercwtch 10 months ago

Merged #348 gherkin update 10 months ago

Merged #340 calculate server progress based on last message, nowtime, and message flow; display progress on group contact and remote server 10 months ago

Merged #347 fastercwtch 10 months ago

Merged #346 Fixup Length Display so it counts Bytes not Chars 10 months ago

Merged #338 add window_manager plug in to get desktop active state to gate windows notifications; also add spam prevention to windows notifications 10 months ago

Merged #339 Upgrade Cwtch and Display Message Limits 10 months ago

Merged #336 add desktoasts windows notifications 10 months ago

Merged #332 bump to tor 10 months ago

Merged #331 Fix #330 - Multiple file browser windows are opened. 10 months ago

Merged #329 Only override path for Sender, not any other attributes. 10 months ago

Merged #328 Clean up sender side image preview 10 months ago

Merged #327 Enable Sender Side Image Previews 10 months ago

Merged #326 message caching 10 months ago

Merged #323 Fixup Widths on Small Screens 10 months ago

Merged #322 Formatting 10 months ago

Merged #320 Update lcg 10 months ago

Merged #317 move all classes in model.dart to their own models/X.dart 10 months ago

Merged #316 Allow Tor Caching + Our Own Linkify 10 months ago

Merged #304 Tor Circuit Info Display for P2P + Many Minor UI Fixups. 10 months ago

Merged #302 android-fix 11 months ago

Merged #300 Support Custom Tor Configuration 11 months ago

Merged #296 Fix #295 - P2P Avatar should not be clickable. 11 months ago

Merged #294 libcwtchgo 1.5.4 and pubspec version bump for android 11 months ago

Merged #293 fix save history option saving in peer settings 11 months ago

Merged #292 add required provider to groupsettingsview so leave action can trigger 11 months ago

Merged #291 fix android invitations 11 months ago

Merged #290 fix gomobile/FlwtchWorker calls incorrectly casting Long for SetContactAttribute and sendInvite 11 months ago

Merged #288 fix accept block 11 months ago

Merged #285 theme android appbar color 11 months ago

Merged #276 fileCPU 11 months ago

Merged #275 don't pop nav stack to profileMgr when change password errors 11 months ago

Merged #274 theme fixes; scroollbar for addContact; messageRow space optimization for android 11 months ago

Merged #273 lastFixes 11 months ago

Merged #272 1.5-upgrades 11 months ago

Merged #267 image previews 11 months ago

Merged #271 remove RightShiftFixer for winodws, flutter should be better now; rm tri[lecolview, unused half a year 11 months ago

Merged #266 migrateMsg 11 months ago

Merged #265 group functionality fixes from storage engine; tor status include percent; crate group enhancement 11 months ago

Merged #268 winUninstall 11 months ago

Merged #260 New Themes 12 months ago

Merged #259 support for server metrics 12 months ago

Merged #262 Fix #255 - clicking Open now causes popup to close. 12 months ago

Merged #256 Profile server manager 12 months ago

Merged #246 Update Russian Translations 12 months ago

Merged #258 New Cwtch Library Integration 12 months ago

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137 Issues closed from 25 users

Closed #557 Streamer Mode Privacy 2 days ago

Closed #561 Add faux-profile to make unlocking encrypted profiles more obvious 2 days ago

Closed #549 Message Formatting Setting is Broken (Cwtch 1.9) 2 days ago

Closed #571 Need LAN-only mode 5 days ago

Closed #555 Sending empty messages has some inconsistencies 5 days ago

Closed #502 Send a Notifcation once a group is Synced (if there are any new messages) 6 days ago

Closed #525 Upgrade to Flutter 3.3.5 6 days ago

Closed #564 Add Full Support for Brazilian Portuguese 1 week ago

Closed #562 Tor is not starting on Android; possible reason being lack of nativeLibraryDir path. 3 weeks ago

Closed #404 File download fails with no error if download folder does not exist 2 months ago

Closed #530 Surface Server Tokens to UX 3 months ago

Closed #510 Acount is delete after update 3 months ago

Closed #520 cwtch vs simpleX-chat ? 3 months ago

Closed #528 Desktop: font is too small on High Density Screens 3 months ago

Closed #524 Cache per-conversation message drafts 3 months ago

Closed #419 connectivity: callback for tor version emit 3 months ago

Closed #513 Android double contact add bug 3 months ago

Closed #306 Groups should show historical messages while loading 3 months ago

Closed #509 Support pinning of conversations to top of list 4 months ago

Closed #514 Search / Contact list renders uncoloured when not full 4 months ago

Closed #410 Null check operator used on a null value in doublecolview 5 months ago

Closed #357 cwtch plugin to restart file shares 5 months ago

Closed #441 File Sharing Dashboard for Conversations 5 months ago

Closed #501 Invite Menu is "Broken" in Cwtch 1.8 5 months ago

Closed #422 migrate cwtch fileshare to new b64-less format 5 months ago

Closed #498 Profile import. Fix text color 5 months ago

Closed #430 Holding down key does not repeat input on linux 5 months ago

Closed #32 Notification flood control 5 months ago

Closed #372 Windows installer: exit cwtch 5 months ago

Closed #449 android build non FLAG_SEC builds for internal use (screenshots) 5 months ago

Closed #435 Renew Windows Signing Cert 5 months ago

Closed #270 Migrate to Flutter android embeder 2 5 months ago

Closed #421 Cwtch user handbook 5 months ago

Closed #440 Upgrade to Futter Stable (3.0.1) 5 months ago

Closed #143 Core Dump / Assertion `kref' failed 5 months ago

Closed #251 Make notification widget and implement for all copies 5 months ago

Closed #70 [xcb] Unknown sequence number while processing reply 5 months ago

Closed #51 Keyboard shortcuts not working (Linux desktop) 5 months ago

Closed #472 Group Syncing Progress doesn't work properly on first group (1.7.1) 5 months ago

Closed #479 remove remarks for version 1.6 5 months ago

Closed #480 localeXx variables not in English 5 months ago

Closed #483 Group Sync Progress Bar not Showing in dev 5 months ago

Closed #308 clicking on a contact in a group conversation should scroll contact list to them 5 months ago

Closed #465 show scroll to bottom button in chat when scrolling up 6 months ago

Closed #240 Russian Language 6 months ago

Closed #226 UI Crashes when sending files larger than 1GB 6 months ago

Closed #196 cwtch 1.3 ETA for upping file sharing speed ? 6 months ago

Closed #405 Deleting a downloaded file results in "Malformed message" 6 months ago

Closed #443 Android: Quoting a message appears broken in some contexts (1.7) 6 months ago

Closed #457 Fix dropdown-arrow in settings 7 months ago

Closed #451 Text displayed vertically instead of horizontally in Android app 7 months ago

Closed #444 libcwtch-rs documentation build issues 7 months ago

Closed #409 cwtch vs speek ? 7 months ago

Closed #423 memory leak 7 months ago

Closed #334 Enable more Android Security Flags 7 months ago

Closed #221 Profile Import/Export 7 months ago

Closed #170 Notifications on Mac 7 months ago

Closed #396 Linux installed Cwtch can't find knott notification image? 7 months ago

Closed #417 Android: ask for power management exemption or "unrestrcited" mode 7 months ago

Closed #416 (+) menu for add contact|group / create 8 months ago

Closed #377 UI Healthcheck Integration 8 months ago

Closed #10 Android Performance / Battery Optimizations 8 months ago

Closed #172 Allow queing of messages to offline peer - do replay on connect 8 months ago

Closed #199 How do I create a group chat? 8 months ago

Closed #215 Improve Unlock UX when some profiles are loaded 8 months ago

Closed #236 1.3 FS no go + ransomware alert ? 8 months ago

Closed #254 Cwtch v1.3 and v1.4 and O.S. Windows8 black screen window 8 months ago

Closed #257 various bugs on MacOs + request 8 months ago

Closed #333 more january suggestions... 8 months ago

Closed #365 [Android] Bulk Loading API 8 months ago

Closed #287 Android: Each resume seems to cause new messages to be relayed in +1x dups 8 months ago

Closed #363 [Android] Unread Message Count Broken on Reattach 8 months ago

Closed #364 [Android] Reattach Logic (Question) 8 months ago

Closed #393 Android: Duplicate Messages / Missing Messages - Platform Channel Issues 8 months ago

Closed #398 lastRead/unread messages 8 months ago

Closed #344 Folder Selection in Settings can be opened Multiple Times 8 months ago

Closed #389 If contacts goes offline during typing that text box becomes unuseable with text 8 months ago

Closed #394 FileBubble Pop can cause app to become stuck if context changes. 9 months ago

Closed #134 Tor cannot detect underlying network 9 months ago

Closed #311 Custom Select Generated Onion 9 months ago

Closed #277 Image/File Download Fast Follows 9 months ago

Closed #297 Add Timestamps to File Overlay 9 months ago

Closed #216 questions about file sharing + bug 9 months ago

Closed #378 [REQUEST] support for windows 32-bit 9 months ago

Closed #16 Word wrapping issue in Android client settings 9 months ago

Closed #314 Keypad enter should send, not insert a new line 9 months ago

Closed #368 Clean up message sending handling paths keyboard v.s. buttons 9 months ago

Closed #371 [Android] Deleted Conversations Reappear 9 months ago

Closed #222 flutter ui crash, process continues running 10 months ago

Closed #190 cwtch file transfer only between cwtch peers ? 10 months ago

Closed #147 Message containing only U+FDFA makes all previous messages disappear from the UI 10 months ago

Closed #191 Mac Flutter complains: CocoaPods recommended version 1.10.0 10 months ago

Closed #85 Display Tor Circuit info on Tor Status Pane 10 months ago

Closed #87 Expose Per-Profile Settings in Conversation Pane 10 months ago

Closed #29 Display names with emojis in them don't show up at peer 10 months ago

Closed #4 Group Sending Error Edge Case: Switching Networks 10 months ago

Closed #305 Server syncing progress 10 months ago

Closed #309 Flutter Cucumber Integration Testing (Initial) 10 months ago

Closed #209 Android UI/Performance Pass 10 months ago

Closed #126 multi profile notifications / notifications on profile pane 10 months ago

Closed #362 Notifications on Windows Desktop 10 months ago

Closed #168 Cannot remove obsolete contact(s) 10 months ago

Closed #252 Bug: Clickable Hyperlinks changes text of some linkified text 10 months ago

Closed #310 Custom Profile Pictures 10 months ago

Closed #312 Allow Caching of Tor Consensus 10 months ago

Closed #318 tor version refresh 10 months ago

Closed #335 Notification policy and content settings 10 months ago

Closed #345 Length of Group Messages can Sometimes Exceed Ideal Character Length 10 months ago

Closed #269 upgrade xcode on mac build server to new flutter min 13 10 months ago

Closed #330 Multiple file browser windows are opened. 10 months ago

Closed #19 Expose lower-level Tor configuration options 11 months ago

Closed #295 Clicking on Avatar in p2p chat should not attempt to rebuild the chat window. 11 months ago

Closed #280 cwtch android should set android top bar color to theme appbar color 11 months ago

Closed #281 Add group server list should fall back to server address if description empty 11 months ago

Closed #282 "Leave" group broken 11 months ago

Closed #283 Android group invites broken? 11 months ago

Closed #278 Setting "Save History" in p2p convo is broken 11 months ago

Closed #279 server info not propagated or group reconnection problem 11 months ago

Closed #284 Android save server name broken 11 months ago

Closed #286 Accept / block contact boken 11 months ago

Closed #211 multiple profiles running at once ? 11 months ago

Closed #24 A dark(er) theme i.e. black 11 months ago

Closed #205 censorship bypassing bootstrapping ? 11 months ago

Closed #210 MACOS faulty labeling of cwtch 1.3 11 months ago

Closed #247 can't paste in adress on older/smaller android phones 11 months ago

Closed #248 impossible to add server when server experiment on but group experiment off 11 months ago

Closed #169 Clickable hyperlinks 11 months ago

Closed #237 Server Hosting Followups 11 months ago

Closed #238 Add Marcias new Themes 11 months ago

Closed #239 Add windows uninstaller to NSIS windows installer 11 months ago

Closed #203 [Filesharing] UX: File share confirmation, with image preview 11 months ago

Closed #217 Inline Image Previews 11 months ago

Closed #218 Option to Auto Download Certain Files 11 months ago

Closed #219 Improved Storage Engine Implementation 11 months ago

Closed #263 Splash Screen / Modal Popups Import Profiles Feedback 11 months ago

Closed #201 [Filesharing] Group Chat Message Sharing should wait until after Authentication 11 months ago

Closed #255 Link options popup: clicking Open does not close the popup (like clicking copy does) 12 months ago

65 Issues created by 13 users

Opened #261 Add distribution via Flatpak 12 months ago

Opened #289 GroupInvite triggers android to ask for FS permissions 11 months ago

Opened #298 clickable links: browser config 11 months ago

Opened #299 Allowing Grouping of Conversations 11 months ago

Opened #303 january as user request month suggestions 11 months ago

Opened #307 Surface reconnection logic and ability 11 months ago

Opened #313 Support middle click paste on Linux 10 months ago

Opened #315 Support drag and drop for text 10 months ago

Opened #319 (Mac) App is quit but the file browser window remains. 10 months ago

Opened #321 Symlink /latest-nightly for Builds 10 months ago

Opened #324 Whonix: Cwtch halts on Splash Screen when attempting to Start Tor 10 months ago

Opened #325 Tor (with caching enabled) failed to bootstrap after SIGKILL / CommandQ 10 months ago

Opened #341 Sending Application on Mac Fails 10 months ago

Opened #342 Sending Files from Google Drive on Mac Fails 10 months ago

Opened #343 File Selection Window not Focused... 10 months ago

Opened #356 Native handling of exit 10 months ago

Opened #370 [REQUEST] Scoop package 10 months ago

Opened #386 Spellchecking 9 months ago

Opened #401 Message queuing 8 months ago

Opened #403 NewPeer event shouldn't send full profile info, instead should be fetch via GetProfile 8 months ago

Opened #414 Allow queing of messages to send to offline conversations 8 months ago

Opened #415 Share profile via QR code 8 months ago

Opened #418 Connectivity: detect when tor is executable, fails with corrupt data-dir, deletes once time 8 months ago

Opened #420 On Profile creation offer multiple onions/profile pics 8 months ago

Opened #436 Windows shortcut causes problems at startup 7 months ago

Opened #439 Enable HIDE_OVERLAY_WINDOWS (when supported) 7 months ago

Opened #442 Connectivity: Reduce memory use and allocations for obtaining circuit status 7 months ago

Opened #445 Desktop: Message View Flickering on Notifications? 7 months ago

Opened #446 New Screenshots 7 months ago

Opened #455 lazy load message pane cap 7 months ago

Opened #456 enable notifications for file downloads 7 months ago

Opened #458 Make "Reset Tor connection" more accessible 7 months ago

Opened #461 Offline mode/No internet/Local Area only mode/off the grid support? 6 months ago

Opened #463 Share Server Overlay 6 months ago

Opened #464 Expose new Server Configuration Options in the UI 6 months ago

Opened #473 Profile undread count not 0 after reading profile messages 6 months ago

Opened #503 Linux Notifications: Clicking on Notification does not open window 5 months ago

Opened #508 Support arranging profiles in a strict order 5 months ago

Opened #511 Android app losses Battery optimize permisions after crash 5 months ago

Opened #512 Android profile export and download not working in some cases (PERMISSIONS) 5 months ago

Opened #518 Make it easier to use Tor Bridges on Android (package obfsproxy) 4 months ago

Opened #522 Improve Android Service Information in UI 4 months ago

Opened #526 Contact List Mouse Events occasionally do not register 3 months ago

Opened #531 we keep resharing profile pics even when the same 3 months ago

Opened #532 Remove Group/Server mapping in UI/lcg and surface it directly in Cwtch events. 3 months ago

Opened #542 Cwtch Crashes on x64 Macs when creating/loading profiles. 3 months ago

Opened #543 Android failed update incompatible 3 months ago

Opened #544 Support in-app reading of Text / Markdown / Richtext files 3 months ago

Opened #545 Implement Website Redesign 3 months ago

Opened #546 Reproducible builds 2 months ago

Opened #548 Cache Tokens Between Runs 2 months ago

Opened #550 cwtch overwrites custom torrc options with replies from controller 2 months ago

Opened #551 when importing default to cwtch configuration directory 1 month ago

Opened #552 limit the range of target ports 1 month ago

Opened #553 option to bind target port to 1 month ago

Opened #554 1.9: Selecting text by dragging mouse over it doesn't always work 1 month ago

Opened #556 Replied message is stripped of formatting 1 month ago

Opened #558 In Double (1:2) portrait mode some icons overlap when window is resized to very small 1 month ago

Opened #559 Edited file fails to transmit 1 month ago

Opened #560 Fix Delete Profile Flow 1 month ago

Opened #566 Fix Connection Flow / Tor DDoS Workaround 6 days ago

Opened #568 Implement Marcias Theme Fixes 5 days ago

Opened #572 Suspected botnet 5 days ago

Opened #573 RicochetRefresh compatibility 5 days ago

Opened #575 Reported: profile Images don't redownload if profile is moved 2 days ago

16 Unresolved Conversations

These recently changed issues and pull requests have not been resolved yet.

Open #27 Requested Feature: Status 6 days ago

Open #207 Hybrid Groups Design 6 days ago

Open #91 Request: Audio notification when contacts come online. 6 days ago

Open #127 cwtch protocol handlers and registration 6 days ago

Open #7 Requested Feature: Voice Overlay 6 days ago

Open #141 (investigate) package for f-droid 6 days ago

Open #92 Add a "start offline" mode 6 days ago

Open #213 Streaming Mode does not redact Onions of profiles who have no other associated nickname 1 month ago

Open #129 chat overlay message search filter 3 months ago

Open #137 Respect desktop font scaling (HD) 3 months ago

Open #47 Metadata-private update checking 6 months ago

Open #13 New Platform: iOS 6 months ago

Open #11 Requested Feature: Resend Failed Message 8 months ago

Open #140 ios_build 8 months ago

Open #8 Requested Feature: Stickers 8 months ago

Open #34 Broadcast Displayname to Group 11 months ago