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Published v1.9.0 v1.9.0 3 months ago

Published v1.8.0 v1.8.0 5 months ago

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Merged #570 Juniper Theme 2 days ago

Merged #567 Allow Message formatting to be turned off when experiments are disabled 2 days ago

Merged #565 Support for Brazilian Portuguese (#564) 1 week ago

Merged #563 Added Brazilian Portuguese to Cwtch 1 week ago

Merged #547 New Cwtch Icons + Dutch Translation 2 weeks ago

Merged #541 Fix Mac Builds 3 months ago

Merged #540 update-cwtch 3 months ago

Merged #538 fix antispam tooltips/message blocking for p2p contacts 3 months ago

Merged #537 bump tor versions, move linux to harvested tor, bump lcg to 1.9.0 3 months ago

Merged #536 allow sharing proifile via qrcode 3 months ago

Merged #535 Update translations 3 months ago

Merged #534 Expose antispam status in UI 3 months ago

Merged #533 lcg bump; selected conversation sanity null; 3 months ago

Merged #529 save message drafts (until cwtch close) 3 months ago

Merged #527 Load Messages when Syncing a Group 3 months ago

Merged #523 fix importBundle error handling and dupping of events 3 months ago

Merged #521 Initial Commit of Fastlane + Debug Accessibiltiy Views 4 months ago

Merged #519 Initial Support for Turkish 4 months ago

Merged #517 Fix Quoting of Large Messages 4 months ago

Merged #516 Fix indexing error in conversation list search. 4 months ago

Merged #491 docs on making a self signed cert 4 months ago

Merged #515 Pinning Conversations 4 months ago

Merged #507 Implement View Replies 5 months ago

Merged #506 Prevent a new line in the middle of a sentance from sending a message 5 months ago

Merged #505 File sharing Manager + File Sharing Fixes 5 months ago

Merged #504 Fix bugs in Invite Modal 5 months ago

Merged #500 android-modal 5 months ago

Merged #499 new russian translations from @RuLang 5 months ago

Merged #497 pubspec andro ver bump 5 months ago

Merged #496 android 12 sdk 31 fixes 5 months ago

Merged #495 upgrade android kotlin + work package for android 12 5 months ago

Merged #494 android exported activity 5 months ago

Merged #493 1.8.0 5 months ago

Merged #492 newwincert 5 months ago

Merged #490 Fix Image Width Handling 5 months ago

Merged #489 fuzzbot-fixes 5 months ago

Merged #488 Turn on Message Formatting by Default 5 months ago

Merged #487 add support for diff arch macos libcwtch-go 5 months ago

Merged #486 New Translations + Update LCG 5 months ago

Merged #485 fix first sync 5 months ago

Merged #482 Remove Group "Address" - it is badly named, and no longer relavent 5 months ago

Merged #484 Flutter3, local_desktop_notifications on linux again 5 months ago

Merged #481 Fix Debug Errors + Implement Scroll To on DM 5 months ago

Merged #478 Add Snackbar Notifications for all Copies 5 months ago

Merged #477 Message Formatting Toolbar Tooltips 5 months ago

Merged #476 Update Translations (including RU from @RuLang) 6 months ago

Merged #475 formatting_toolbar 6 months ago

Merged #469 Click to scroll on Quoted Message / Shorten Text 6 months ago

Merged #470 reply_links 6 months ago

Merged #471 show down button in messageview when ever scrolling up 6 months ago

Merged #468 Fix message view title padding in doublecol view 6 months ago

Merged #467 Modal Menu UI Fixes 6 months ago

Merged #466 Column-wise contact row (marcia feedback) 6 months ago

Merged #462 marcia settings fixes 6 months ago

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Closed #561 Add faux-profile to make unlocking encrypted profiles more obvious 2 days ago

Closed #557 Streamer Mode Privacy 2 days ago

Closed #549 Message Formatting Setting is Broken (Cwtch 1.9) 2 days ago

Closed #571 Need LAN-only mode 5 days ago

Closed #555 Sending empty messages has some inconsistencies 5 days ago

Closed #502 Send a Notifcation once a group is Synced (if there are any new messages) 6 days ago

Closed #525 Upgrade to Flutter 3.3.5 6 days ago

Closed #564 Add Full Support for Brazilian Portuguese 1 week ago

Closed #562 Tor is not starting on Android; possible reason being lack of nativeLibraryDir path. 3 weeks ago

Closed #404 File download fails with no error if download folder does not exist 2 months ago

Closed #530 Surface Server Tokens to UX 3 months ago

Closed #510 Acount is delete after update 3 months ago

Closed #520 cwtch vs simpleX-chat ? 3 months ago

Closed #528 Desktop: font is too small on High Density Screens 3 months ago

Closed #524 Cache per-conversation message drafts 3 months ago

Closed #419 connectivity: callback for tor version emit 3 months ago

Closed #513 Android double contact add bug 3 months ago

Closed #306 Groups should show historical messages while loading 3 months ago

Closed #509 Support pinning of conversations to top of list 4 months ago

Closed #514 Search / Contact list renders uncoloured when not full 4 months ago

Closed #410 Null check operator used on a null value in doublecolview 5 months ago

Closed #441 File Sharing Dashboard for Conversations 5 months ago

Closed #357 cwtch plugin to restart file shares 5 months ago

Closed #501 Invite Menu is "Broken" in Cwtch 1.8 5 months ago

Closed #422 migrate cwtch fileshare to new b64-less format 5 months ago

Closed #498 Profile import. Fix text color 5 months ago

Closed #430 Holding down key does not repeat input on linux 5 months ago

Closed #32 Notification flood control 5 months ago

Closed #372 Windows installer: exit cwtch 5 months ago

Closed #449 android build non FLAG_SEC builds for internal use (screenshots) 5 months ago

Closed #435 Renew Windows Signing Cert 5 months ago

Closed #270 Migrate to Flutter android embeder 2 5 months ago

Closed #421 Cwtch user handbook 5 months ago

Closed #440 Upgrade to Futter Stable (3.0.1) 5 months ago

Closed #143 Core Dump / Assertion `kref' failed 5 months ago

Closed #251 Make notification widget and implement for all copies 5 months ago

Closed #70 [xcb] Unknown sequence number while processing reply 5 months ago

Closed #51 Keyboard shortcuts not working (Linux desktop) 5 months ago

Closed #472 Group Syncing Progress doesn't work properly on first group (1.7.1) 5 months ago

Closed #479 remove remarks for version 1.6 5 months ago

Closed #480 localeXx variables not in English 5 months ago

Closed #483 Group Sync Progress Bar not Showing in dev 5 months ago

Closed #308 clicking on a contact in a group conversation should scroll contact list to them 5 months ago

Closed #465 show scroll to bottom button in chat when scrolling up 6 months ago

Closed #240 Russian Language 6 months ago

32 Issues created by 5 users

Opened #463 Share Server Overlay 6 months ago

Opened #464 Expose new Server Configuration Options in the UI 6 months ago

Opened #473 Profile undread count not 0 after reading profile messages 6 months ago

Opened #503 Linux Notifications: Clicking on Notification does not open window 5 months ago

Opened #508 Support arranging profiles in a strict order 5 months ago

Opened #511 Android app losses Battery optimize permisions after crash 5 months ago

Opened #512 Android profile export and download not working in some cases (PERMISSIONS) 5 months ago

Opened #518 Make it easier to use Tor Bridges on Android (package obfsproxy) 4 months ago

Opened #522 Improve Android Service Information in UI 4 months ago

Opened #526 Contact List Mouse Events occasionally do not register 3 months ago

Opened #531 we keep resharing profile pics even when the same 3 months ago

Opened #532 Remove Group/Server mapping in UI/lcg and surface it directly in Cwtch events. 3 months ago

Opened #542 Cwtch Crashes on x64 Macs when creating/loading profiles. 3 months ago

Opened #543 Android failed update incompatible 3 months ago

Opened #544 Support in-app reading of Text / Markdown / Richtext files 3 months ago

Opened #545 Implement Website Redesign 3 months ago

Opened #546 Reproducible builds 2 months ago

Opened #548 Cache Tokens Between Runs 2 months ago

Opened #550 cwtch overwrites custom torrc options with replies from controller 2 months ago

Opened #551 when importing default to cwtch configuration directory 1 month ago

Opened #552 limit the range of target ports 1 month ago

Opened #553 option to bind target port to 1 month ago

Opened #554 1.9: Selecting text by dragging mouse over it doesn't always work 1 month ago

Opened #556 Replied message is stripped of formatting 1 month ago

Opened #558 In Double (1:2) portrait mode some icons overlap when window is resized to very small 1 month ago

Opened #559 Edited file fails to transmit 1 month ago

Opened #560 Fix Delete Profile Flow 1 month ago

Opened #566 Fix Connection Flow / Tor DDoS Workaround 6 days ago

Opened #568 Implement Marcias Theme Fixes 5 days ago

Opened #572 Suspected botnet 5 days ago

Opened #573 RicochetRefresh compatibility 5 days ago

Opened #575 Reported: profile Images don't redownload if profile is moved 2 days ago

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Open #461 Offline mode/No internet/Local Area only mode/off the grid support? 5 days ago

Open #27 Requested Feature: Status 6 days ago

Open #299 Allowing Grouping of Conversations 6 days ago

Open #207 Hybrid Groups Design 6 days ago

Open #127 cwtch protocol handlers and registration 6 days ago

Open #91 Request: Audio notification when contacts come online. 6 days ago

Open #298 clickable links: browser config 6 days ago

Open #418 Connectivity: detect when tor is executable, fails with corrupt data-dir, deletes once time 6 days ago

Open #415 Share profile via QR code 6 days ago

Open #414 Allow queing of messages to send to offline conversations 6 days ago

Open #442 Connectivity: Reduce memory use and allocations for obtaining circuit status 6 days ago

Open #307 Surface reconnection logic and ability 6 days ago

Open #313 Support middle click paste on Linux 6 days ago

Open #403 NewPeer event shouldn't send full profile info, instead should be fetch via GetProfile 6 days ago

Open #324 Whonix: Cwtch halts on Splash Screen when attempting to Start Tor 6 days ago

Open #341 Sending Application on Mac Fails 6 days ago

Open #386 Spellchecking 6 days ago

Open #356 Native handling of exit 6 days ago

Open #401 Message queuing 6 days ago

Open #289 GroupInvite triggers android to ask for FS permissions 6 days ago

Open #7 Requested Feature: Voice Overlay 6 days ago

Open #141 (investigate) package for f-droid 6 days ago

Open #92 Add a "start offline" mode 6 days ago

Open #213 Streaming Mode does not redact Onions of profiles who have no other associated nickname 1 month ago

Open #321 Symlink /latest-nightly for Builds 2 months ago

Open #455 lazy load message pane cap 3 months ago

Open #129 chat overlay message search filter 3 months ago

Open #420 On Profile creation offer multiple onions/profile pics 3 months ago

Open #137 Respect desktop font scaling (HD) 3 months ago

Open #456 enable notifications for file downloads 5 months ago

Open #445 Desktop: Message View Flickering on Notifications? 5 months ago